In Japan “Manga” (Jap. “漫画”) refers to any kind of comic, even non-Japanese ones. Outside of Japan and here on aniSearch, however, only comics clearly exhibiting typical manga style elements are considered as such.


With there being myriad different manga and light novels to choose from, and as varied as these series are, as diverse are the tastes of our members. To nonetheless provide a general overview on which genres are most popular among our community, this page lists our members’ top ten favourite genres. Clicking on one of the genres will take you to a list of relevant titles—do take a look, if you’re so inclined!

Manga that were recently rated

A list of manga that were recently rated by members of our community.

New Releases: Manga

This page lists the most recent manga releases. In the overview you can set various filters to make your search for any product more specific.

Trending Manga

A list of the recently most-viewed manga pages. This overview shows you what the majority of our members is currently most interested in.

Popular Manga

A list of the recently most-rated manga. This overview shows you what the majority of our members is currently reading.


A listing of manga set up by a self-defined time frame or a preset season.


In this list all manga are listed by their respective ranks. The rank of a manga is defined by its overall rating and the total number of ratings.

Recently Added Manga

This page shows manga in the order in which they were entered into our database.
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