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With a little bit of spare money you can support us in developing and furthering aniSearch.

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As a Premium Member you are not only freed of advertisements, but you are also officially 83 % cooler and you gain access to various additional Premium Features. Our Premium Membership is for members who would like to lend aniSearch some financial support. None of the aforementioned Premium Features are necessary to use the website; they are but way for us to show our gratitude to you. Thank you for your support!
  • Premium 1

    2,49 € for 1 month
  • Premium 3

    5,99 € for 3 month
    You save 20 %
  • Premium 6

    9,99 € for 6 month
    You save 33 %
  • Premium 12

    14,99 € for 12 month
    You save 50 %
    • Change colour of your username
  • Premium 24

    24,99 € for 24 month
    You save 60 %
    • Change colour of your username
  • V.I.P.

    49,99 € Lifetime
    You save 90 %
    • »VIP« User Rank
    • Change colour of your username
  • V.I.P. Plus

    99,99 € Lifetime
    • »VIP Plus« User Rank
    • Change colour of your username
    • Own role name and role color in live chat
  • Sponsor

    499,99 € Lifetime
    • »Sponsor« User Rank
    • Change colour of your username
    • Own role name and role color in live chat
    • Mention as sponsor in the aniSearch footer for 12 months
To set the user color or the role name as well as the role color in our live chat please contact our support. If you use a bank transfer, please let us know as well, because we only check there irregularly. A moderator will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why is there a Premium Membership?

aniSearch used to fund itself via advertisements alone, however, due to more and more people using ad blockers, we’ve reached a point where aniSearch can no longer be funded by only advertisements. Using the new optional Premium Membership we wish to ensure the project’s funding as well as the realisation of new features.

How does the Premium Membership work?

The Premium Membership is only valid for the specified period of time and does not automatically renew itself. If you wish to extend your Premium Membership, you have to do so manually. Once your Premium Membership expires, certain areas will no longer be available to you, but your information remains stored! Once you renew your Premium Membership, you will have complete access again and you will find all your previous settings to be exactly how you left them.

Get free premium advantages now!

To be able to use our Premium Membership for free you have two possibilities to actively support aniSearch.
Whoever actively contributes to aniSearch and adds missing entries receives a user rank for this. Already from the user rank Cookie Collector you automatically get the premium membership as long as you continue to show activity. From the user rank Cookie Hero on you will receive all the benefits of a premium membership as a thank you.
In addition to active database entries, our aniSearch team members automatically receive the Premium Membership. We are always happy about interest in a position in our team, all vacancies can be found in our job advertisement (only german speaker).

Some Premium Features


  • No Advertisements
    You won’t see ads from third parties.
  • Access to all Image Files
    No limitations on accessing images
  • Personalised Website Layout
    Shape aniSearch to suit your individual tastes

Profile Settings

  • Change Your Username
    Username can be changed every 30 days
  • Colour Your Username
    Add a custom colour to your username. (Only available with Premium Memberships of 1 year or longer)
  • VIP User Rank
    Gain the special V.I.P. rank. (Only available with lifetime Premium Memberships)
  • Profile Visitors
    See the most recent members who visited your profile page
  • Attachments
    Up to 20 MB of free space for image files

Clubs and Forums

  • Enter Clubs
    Allows to you enter up to 100 different clubs.
  • Create Your Own Clubs
    You can create up to 20 clubs yourself.
  • Club Subforums
    You’ll be able to create up to 10 subforums for your clubs.
  • Forum signature
    Create your own individual signature for your forum posts
  • Thread Visitors
    Shows all members who visited a thread.

Anime + Manga + Movies

  • Rating categories
    Allows you to create up to 128 personal tags.
  • Comment Rating Statistics
    Shows you who rated a comment and how they rated it
  • Search Filter
    You can add up to 30 genres or tags to your filters.
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